Hosted by Thomas Yon
FB: AVL Singer-Songwriter Showcase

Featuring Singer-Songwriters:

Spalding McIntosh
A songwriter from Brevard NC. He has been described by some as “smooth and powerful folk” but thinks of himself primarily as a songwriter whose genre knows no bounds. “I just write from the heart and sometimes it comes out rootsy, sometimes country, heck I’m not above writing a pop song! As long as I can get it out I’m happy.”
FB: Spalding McIntosh

Nick Mac
Candler native that has been influenced by just about anything under the sun but resides mostly in southern rock and country. Nick had a short run with the Apple Blue Horse Band. These days he's trying to make his way as a solo artist. His music is largely inspired by love, good times and personal experiences.

Nathan Robinson
grew up in the northeast going on trips with his truck driving father, he learned life on the road from an early age. He and his family moved to NC at 15 and picked up on the southern culture after some awkward teen years and after his time in the Marine Corps, he returned to Asheville with a new found freedom. He began to write lyrics and realized he could sing and began to street perform. He fell in love with the art and packed up his car for livability and traveled around the country playing on street corners, small-town bars and alleyways with foot traffic and echoes. He writes about his travels and the experiences that come with it. He sings and plays with a slow soulful draw you can hear a block away.